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Big Data - Real Time - Low Latency

  • ParStream is the fastest database for Big Data Analytics
  • Analyzing and filtering billions of records
  • Querying data structures with thousands of columns and multi-value support
  • Getting answers in milliseconds without the need for former aggregation
  • Supporting thousands of concurrent queries
  • Continuously importing data with very low latency (< 1 sec) for real-time results
  • Building complex customized calculations directly into the database
These skills are complied by ParStream's completely in-house developed software combining a unique technology with state-of-the-art architecture.

HPCI: High Parallel Compressed Index is a unique technology with a patent pending for extremely fast analysis of big data

Hybrid-Storage: Data is stored into column- and/or record-oriented storage, customizable by DBA

In-Memory Caching: Data and index are in memory and persisted on hard-disk or SSDs

GPU-Support: ParStream is the first database which utilizes the power of GPUbased High-Performance Servers

Linear Scalability: ParStream is based on an MPP shared nothing architecture and scales up to petabytes
Cloud ready: ParStream has been tested on Amazon Web Services including the GPU Servers