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Jedox OLAP Accelerator (GPU)

In Memory OLAP Database with GPU Turbo charging. Pure innovation.

What is Jedox GPU?

Jedox GPU is a technology that was developed in cooperation with researchers from the University of Freiburg and the University of Western Australia, 
co-funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and Jedox. It is a technology that uses Nvidia GPU hardware to speed up large data processing jobs.

What does Jedox GPU do?

In addition to the CPU of the server, Jedox GPU uses the tremendous computing capacity of Nvidia graphics cards (GPUs) to speed up large OLAP aggregations. Modern GPUs come with hundreds of so-called streaming processors and with several GB of graphics memory that allows us to store cube data directly on the GPU.

The way of parallel computation used in Jedox GPU is explained below using the simple example of Newspaper Delivery .

The delivery truck in the following figure represents the CPU (processor):


The delivery truck can only deliver to one house at a time. Consequently, it will try to find a possibly short route passing all subscribers and then deliver to one household after the other.

The Paper boys in the following figure represent the GPU (graphic card):


A couple of Paper Boys (representing the thousands of threads running on a GPU) are more efficient, as there are so many of them. Each one simply goes to a house, checks if a subscriber lives there and if yes, delivers a paper. This way, newspaper delivery can be achieved much faster.

Jedox GPU relies heavily on this kind of parallel computation, thus speeding up aggregations (i.e. the calculation of consolidated Jedox cube cells).