SeqNFind® – Bioinformatics Software Tool

SeqNFind® is a powerful tool suite that addresses the need for complete and accurate alignments of many small sequences against entire genomes utilizing a unique hardware/software cluster system that leverages a multi-processing Nvidia Tesla™ environment to do fast and complete short read genomic sequence alignments. SeqNFind® utilizes a database linked cross-platform, graphical user interface based toolset for facilitating bioinformatics research in:

• Next Generation Sequencing 
• Genomic comparisons

The amazing SeqNFind® toolset can be used for:

• Smith-Waterman: Unlike many implementations such which start with a heuristic or use large tiled target sequences, SeqNFind® provides the user with an accelerated manner in which examine to all locations within a genomic alignment. This tool allows comparison of every genomic base as an individual affine gap alignment. The system uses an accelerated Smith-Waterman to examine short read local alignments, returning a filtered set of viable patterns and locations.
• BLAST: SeqNFind® provides GPU cluster enabled implementations of the standard BLAST tools for nucleotide sequence comparison.
• Reference Assembly 
• De novo Assembly 
• HMM 
• Needleman-Wunsch 
• RNA-Seq

What makes SeqNFind® Unique?

SeqNFind® is based on NVIDIA Tesla GPU hardware that can be affordably scaled, unlocking the huge potential of the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). GPU computing is the future and uses GPUs to do general purpose scientific and engineering computing. GPUs contain hundreds of cores which can easily be scaled to outperform clusters, not only saving significant time, improving accuracy, but also using much less electrical energy.


The schematic shows the comparison of CPU versus GPU, a 60fold increase in the number of processors over a CPU. In many cases the product cost will have a rapid ROI based on the savings in power costs alone, when compared to traditional genome comparison methods using clusters.

If you need to accelerate your bioinformatics research without losing accuracy, please call us.

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Hardware Configuration


SeqNFind® Workstation comes as a low-cost, single user, turnkey solution workstation with four NVIDIA Tesla C2050 GPUs. The system is a 4U Workstation with two Intel Westmere CPUS, 24 GB of 133 MHz DDR3 ECC RAM, 6 TB, 7200 RPM disks pre-loaded with Open Source Linux and the SeqNFind® Workbench.


SeqNFind® Compute Node comes as a cluster ready compute node. It can be integrated into existing clusters or as part of a dedicated, turnkey cluster. Each node contains two NVIDIA Tesla C2050 GPUs, two Westmere CPUs, 24 GB RAM, 1 TB of disk space and 5 user licenses. Up to 1,000 compute nodes can be added together for an equivalent of 896,000 cores!

 SeqNFind® Datasheet  SeqNFind® Datasheet (Chinese)